My name is Gali Avni. I am a computer programmer.
I love traveling abroad with my family.
I don't like hotel rooms. I find them too confined.

For many years when abroad, I have preferred to stay in apartments
They are much more spacious and pleasant.
I feel free of limitations. I can make myself coffee. Cook my food.
To be with my family.

I also feel that living in an apartment allows me to experience the city in a more direct way.
To experience the local markets.

It is not always easy to find a good apartment
So one looks for recommendations. From friends, forums, websites.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not.

This is why I have started this website
It aims to locate and present good, comfortable and pleasant apartments.
To try and give an accurate and reliable information
Based on personal acquaintance with the apartments and on reports from my clients who stayed in them

Upon request, I try to understand your needs and to help and locate the apartments that may suit you best.
I check with the landlord if the apartment is vacant, the price and any other needed inquiries.
If both parties are satisfied with the offer I connect you with the owner to close the deal according to the information provided through me.
Should any problem occur I am ready to help.

It is to be understood and agreed upon that any use of the website and of my services is subject to the condition that I only pass information between lanlord and potential lodger but I am in no way a side to the rental agreement, and am not to be held respnsible or liable for any information passed or to any breech or failure to follow completely the contract by either side, due to any reason.
My fee is solely for the information and location of a suitable apartment.
It is paid directly to me. It is however included in the prices presented in the website or negotiated, unless stated otherwise.
In no way am I a side to the agreement between lanlord and lodger. The contract of the apartment rentals is made between the lanlord and lodger only and only them are to be held liable in case the contract is breeched in any way.

Sincerely yours
Gali Avni